About CapFlight 2000

About the Developer

CapFlight 2000 was written by Theodore "Ted" S. Kyle. Mr.  Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineer from Oregon State University and is licensed as a professional engineer in both Civil and Environmental Engineering.  He manage the planning and engineering division of Water Environment Services, a department of Clackamas County, Oregon.  The department provides wastewater collection and treatment services for the North Clackamas County Urban area, which serve nearly 130,000 people.  He spend most of my time planning for the future and making sure that the 50 people who operate the system have the equipment, training, tools and facilities they need to clean over 15 million gallons of water each day.

Kyle joined CAP as a cadet in 1970 in Ashland Oregon.  CAP members in the Ashland Squadron helped him to learn how to fly, travel to Air Force bases in the US and to participate in International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE). Kyle says, "I have always felt indebted to them for the great boost they gave me in life."  After College, he dropped out of CAP because he was very busy starting his career as an wastewater engineer and his family.  Kyle rejoined as a senior member in 1989. He held many jobs in CAP, including squadron commander, finance officer, leadership officer, Aerospace Education officer.  Currently he serves as the Oregon Wing Commander.  Through all of this, he have never lost sight of Aerospace Education, which is what he loved most about being a cadet.

Kyle can be contacted by email at User Support on our Support Page or by phone at 503-657-6785.

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