Other Improvements

Game Controller Support

CapFlight 2000 supports the XBox type game controller in addition to a joystick. The system can support up to four game controllers.

Context Sensitive Help

All of the system modules have context sensitive help. These help screens give the use a quick reference of the system's features and a description of each screen element. Help can be accessed from the main menu or from the help pointer on the tool bar.

Fly Without Mission Control

The cockpit module can be used in a stand alone mode. Missions can be started at any of the following points:

  • Lift off
  • In Orbit
  • Entry
  • Temp Control
  • Equilibrium Glide
  • Constant Drag
  • Transition
  • TAEM
  • Approach and Landing

These flights do not support any systems other then these in the Cockpit. Orbital manouvers are not supported. This stand alone feature is used to practice liftoff and landings.

The entry through approach and landing entry points are selected points during the re-entry process, each successfully closer to final touchdown.

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