Cockpit Systems

Cockpit Image

The cockpit provides the view to the outside world. This module is used to control the shuttle's attitude in all flight modes. A joystick is normally used to control the shuttle when it is in manual control. The keyboard can also be used for flight control.

The instrument panel simulates the glass cockpit instruments installed in Atlantis. It also has the following informational displays:

  • Instrument control switches
  • Orbital information
  • Digital Autopilot (DAP)
  • Aerodynamic surface position indicator

The following instruments and readouts are on the lower half of the window.  All instruments are functional during all flight phases.  The instrument control switches are used to set the mode for the HSI and ADI.

  • ALPHA (angle of attack)
  • ACCEL( acceleration or drag)
  • M/VEL (Mach number / vehicle velocity)
  • EAS (equivalent air speed)
  • HSI (horizontal situation indicator)
  • ADI (attitude display indicator)
  • ALT ACCEL (altitude acceleration)
  • ALT RATE (vertical speed)
  • ALT (altitude)

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