Electrical and Environmental Systems

The electrical and environmental systems simulate the fuel cell power plants, power distribution systems and the atmospheric control system. The system also include the cryogenic reactant storage system which provides fuel and oxygen to the fuel cells.  The main panel shows the read outs of electrical power systems. Other screens show the read outs from the atmospheric pressure control system. These systems provide both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) power for shuttle system. The DC system provides 28 volts and is used to power most systems. The AC power system is used to provide power for motors used to actuate valves.

The cryogenic storage system holds liquid oxygen at minus 285 F. Liquid hydrogen is stored at minus 420 F. The simulation includes four fuel tanks and four oxygen tanks. Heaters are used to evaporate the hydrogen and oxygen so that is can be feed to the fuel cells.  The fuel cells combine the hydrogen with the oxygen to produce up to 12,000 watts of DC power.  Steam is also produced as a byproduct of burning hydrogen.  The steam is condensed into liquid water for human consumption on the shuttle.  An inverter is used to produce 115 volts of AC power which cycles at 400 cycles per second. 

The systems are controlled by switch panels. The panel to the left is the switch panel for the Cryogenic and fuel cell power plants.

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