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This page contains links to files we are making available for FTP download. Click on the appropriate link under the Formats section of a file's description to begin downloading.

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are approximate.


CAPFlight 2000 Program Manual

This .pdf file is the Program Manual.  It contains a detailed description of the program and instruction on how to setup the simulation environment including computer hardware, shuttle layouts and other useful information.

    progman.pdf (1.2 meg) no extraction required
       Updated for V2.0: February, 2006.

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Teachers Briefing Slides

This file contains Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides for a briefing to teachers and aerospace educators.  It has a general overview of the simulation environment, educational objectives, and other information of interest to educators.   Photos of our shuttle setup and cadets in action are also included.

Formats: (5.36 meg) zip file
       Updated for V2.0: February, 2006.

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Shuttle Systems Briefing Slides

This file contains a set of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides used to brief players on CAPFlight 2000 screens and systems.  The slides include screen images of most of the screens players will encounter playing the simulation.  It also includes system overview slides. 

Formats:  (5.43 meg) zip file  (1.96 meg) zip file
       Updated for V2.0: February, 2006.

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Mission Check List

This file is an Adobe Acrobat file of the standard mission check list. 

    MissionCheckList.pdf (68.1 kb) no extraction required
       Updated for V2.0: February, 2006..

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File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable program
.ps     PostScript file
.ps.Z   compressed PostScript file, for UNIX
.tar    UNIX archive file
.tar.Z  compressed UNIX archive file
.zip    Windows archive file
.pdf	Adobe Acrobat file
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Launch of STS 114, Return to Flight, July 26, 2005
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