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Shuttle Systems

The space shuttle is simulated using five modules.  These modules are independent and can be run on separate networked personal computers.  They require a connection to INCO for communications and the Flight Director's console must be running to provide a timing signal.

The simulation modules carry out various functions of the space shuttle.  The modules are listed below:

  • COCKPIT.exe (view outside the main windshield and flight instruments)
  • EESYS.exe (electrical and environmental systems)
  • CWP.exe (caution and warning panel)
  • BST.exe (propulsion systems including main engines and orbital maneuvering engines)
  • GPC.exe (general purpose computers)

Note: You can only run one instance of a simulation module at a time.

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Launch of STS 114, Return to Flight, July 26, 2005
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